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Meet Chris Zymaris, Apex’s Newest Engineer!

Mar 21 2019

  Apex welcomes our newest engineer, Chris Zymaris! Chris lives in Braintree, Massachusetts and is based out of our Waltham office. He holds a B.S. in IT Management from Northeastern University and is certified in A+. Chris considers himself a foodie and has a great love for cooking. Another fun fact:…

Congratulations (Again) To Corey McQuade On His ACSA Certification!

Feb 21 2019

  Congratulations are in order again to senior engineer Corey McQuade for his Aruba Certified Switching Associate certification!   There are many reasons this certification is so important. The ACSA certifies that Corey has the crucial, fundamental skills to configure and manage modern, open standards-based networking solutions for SMBs and…

Congratulations to Ryan O’Connor, Apex’s next ARUBAOS 8 certified engineer

Jan 15 2019

They’ve done it again – congratulations to senior engineer Ryan O’Connor, who crushed the difficult Aruba Certified Mobility Professional 8 Exam!   For Apex engineers, it’s not enough to just be good at their jobs. Each one works diligently to keep up with rapidly changing technology so they can provide…

Do I need a local controller or a cloud based solution for my WLAN?

Jul 19 2017

The short answer is “it depends.” There are all sorts of variables to consider. Current requirements are very important but if you are growing and changing, you’ll have to break out your crystal ball to understand your future needs.. For the sake of discussion let’s assume that you currently have…

How to Develop a Strategy for Network Optimization

May 23 2017

If we set out to watch a sunset, we know we have to wait for sundown. We certainly know we cannot rush it, so we relax and wait. We know patience is in the game plan. However, when it comes to WiFi, or more specifically, WLAN (Wireless Local Area Networks),…

What is Advanced Threat Detection?

May 16 2017

If You Are Not Using Advanced Persistent Threat Detection, You’re Playing Malware Checkers While They’re Playing Malware Chess.   Today’s attacks are persistent and sophisticated. The typical threat detection, identification, and containment strategy is a five step process.     This traditional 5-step strategy is effective against known malware, recognizable…

Wannacry Ransomware: What Apex customers need to know.

May 16 2017

Apex engineered networks rely on multiple layers of security to protect the critical data and systems that make up our customer networks. The different threat entry points, known as threat vectors, that the Wannacry virus uses are protected by different technologies. Each technology makes up layers in a multi-tiered approach…

Free isn’t always free – especially when the price is your privacy

Aug 16 2016

Sometimes, free Wi-Fi seems like a no-brainer. But how careful are you when connecting to an unfamiliar Wi-Fi network? “Free” Wi-Fi isn’t always without a price – all too often, you’re leaving your mobile device vulnerable to hacking. Recently at the Republican National Convention, network security company Avast set up…

Gartner Report on Enterprise Network gear

Oct 15 2015

Gartner names HP-Aruba a leader in their 2015 Wired and WLAN Access Infrastructure Magic Quadrant Report. While we at Apex work with HP-Aruba as well as its competitors, we have been impressed with Aruba as we have installed and managed many WLANs using their products. Increasingly we see deployment of…

5 Reasons for using a Managed IT provider

Mar 21 2015

Using a managed IT services solution has many benefits. Here are five of them: