Consultants are often ready to tell you what to do before considering your objectives or understanding your circumstances. Our commitment is to deliver pragmatic and actionable strategies, detailed roadmaps and concrete recommendations that will deliver measurably great outcomes.


Apex helps you target the real value opportunities while avoiding the hype and perpetual noise.

Our expertise is in Digital, Channel, Services and Product Strategy development. Informed by technology, but not blinded by it, we offer a unique perspective as we develop, collaboratively with you, not only pragmatic and actionable strategies but also detailed and comprehensive roadmaps to get there.

Technology Planning

Apex creates plans that fit your current operations and future objectives. No more, no less.
Unlike many IT strategic consultants many of us have run large and small IT organizations and technology based businesses. We hated wasting time and money on consultants who delivered nothing but vacuous slide decks. We won't waste yours.

Big Data and Analytics

Apex turns your data into actionable insights, improved performance and new products. We identify the highest-value opportunities, source the most relevant internal and external data, apply world-class analytics and modeling, and drive adoption.