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Security and your sub-contractors

Jun 23 2019

So you feel relatively comfortable that you have created cyber security around your data and your employees are trained to avoid security errors in their day-to-day business ( a MAJOR source of security breaches, by the way.) However, you may be overlooking one area where you are exceptionally vulnerable. What…

Cyber Crime and Security for SMBs

Jun 22 2019

Did you know the illicit trading of personal data was worth $3.88 billion last year? Cybercrime is a growing industry known for its innovation. It goes far beyond the image many of us have of some hacker kid in his basement. Many who engage in this activity are professionals and…

Government regulations

Jun 21 2019

Any business that stores customer payment information must comply with a number of state and federal regulations. The legal, healthcare, and financial sectors have a number of laws tailored specifically for them (such as HIPAA or CISPA). If you run almost any kind of professional practice or agency you probably…

Higher goals get dragged down by Tech: The NPO story

Jun 20 2019

If you are a smaller Not-for-Profit, it is likely that your organization has been driven from its inception by individuals strongly motivated with a passion for their cause or humanitarian goal. As a result, it is also possible that the leadership has little interest in developing the administrative technology infrastructure…

Password basics people still ignore

Jun 19 2019

You can have all the locks on your data center and have all the network security available, but nothing will keep your data safe if your employees are careless with passwords. Change Passwords – Most security experts recommend that companies change out all passwords every 30 to 90 days. Require…

Meet Kyle Rattè, Apex’s newest Sales Rep!

Jun 05 2019

Apex is happy to welcome our new team member, Kyle Rattè! Kyle will be joining Mark Centracchio on our sales team, and will be based out of our Waltham office. Kyle graduated from URI with a degree in Communication Studies and Business Administration. While in attendance, he co-founded the Kappa…

Rhode Island Launches A Statewide Cybercrime Hotline

May 15 2019

Dial 211 in Rhode Island to connect to the first statewide cybercrme hotline in the country.

The Cloud: Are there security issues

Apr 15 2019

The Cloud: Are there security issues?For many, the idea of offloading their data to another physical/virtual location can seem like a security risk. It seems counter intuitive that moving data away from “ home” is safer. But is that really true? Any server stored at your location is probably more…

How the cloud saves smaller firms money

Apr 14 2019

  How the cloud saves smaller firms moneyOK. You pay someone to store all of your data in the cloud, as opposed to keeping it on your own server and backing it up. And you pay on an ongoing basis. How is that possibly going to be cheaper than just…

A security hack doesn’t have to mean the end of your company

Apr 13 2019

A security hack doesn’t have to mean the end of your companyStatistics are showing that each year over 50% of small firms are victims of a cyber attack or data breach. Why does this matter? Most smaller firms have not prepared business continuity plans to keep their IT infrastructure going…

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