Consultants are often ready to tell you what to do before considering your objectives or understanding your circumstances. Our commitment is to deliver pragmatic and actionable strategies, detailed roadmaps and concrete recommendations that will deliver measurably great outcomes.


Apex helps you target the real value opportunities while avoiding the hype and perpetual noise.

Our expertise is in Digital, Channel, Services and Product Strategy development. Informed by technology, but not blinded by it, we offer a unique perspective as we develop, collaboratively with you, not only pragmatic and actionable strategies but also detailed and comprehensive roadmaps to get there.

Get to the deep facts

We use multiple tools and processes, proven through practical experience.

  • Group sessions and interviews to understand your primary objectives and your teams’ various perspectives.
  • Analysis of your P&Ls, balance sheet and operating metrics to make sure we’re all getting the facts straight and solving the right problem.


Scenario Planning

We use the full scenario planning toolkit or, often, short cut exercises to understand multiple future scenarios.

Market and Competitive Research

We have decades of experience in primary and secondary research, both B2C and B2B – but we first make use of what you have and fill in only where gaps in understanding exist.


Strategy is as much about what you decide not to do. We use scorecards and data-driven analytics to hone in on well defined objectives and specific initiatives to achieve them.


A strategy without a plan is not helpful. We develop pragmatic roadmaps that integrate marketing, sales, operations and technology.

Technology Planning

Apex creates plans that fit your current operations and future objectives. No more, no less.
Unlike many IT strategic consultants many of us have run large and small IT organizations and technology based businesses. We hated wasting time and money on consultants who delivered nothing but vacuous slide decks. We won't waste yours.

Technology Evolution Planning
  • Vendor agnostic technologies are woven into future state designs that provide varying degrees of price/performance tradeoffs. You will have options.
  • Apex’s ITSEP is a proven tool, based on many years of experience in developing roadmaps and plans that actually help optimize IT operations


Network Assessment

By performing an initial assessment of your network, we assess its current state and identify issues. We present options and recommended solutions.

Network Inventory and Audit

A complete analysis of network performance – to identify specific bottlenecks and longer term issues.

Security Audit

A complete analysis of your network, servers and applications – to identify current vulnerabilities and longer term concerns.

Network Design

We design networks and systems to suit your specific circumstances.
Our experienced engineers will specify the detailed requirements for your network.
Apex also provides network installation and network management services through our Managed IT Services.

Big Data and Analytics

Apex turns your data into actionable insights, improved performance and new products. We identify the highest-value opportunities, source the most relevant internal and external data, apply world-class analytics and modeling, and drive adoption.


Our analysts take your multiple data sets and mash up, analyze, model to extract correlations, trends and insights. But we also take great care in understanding the context of the data, your operations and needs – so that what we learn is both meaningful and actionable.

New Products

While we have extensive experience in the use of data for targeted marketing and personalized user experience – and that’s the focus of most Big Data vendors and pundits – we believe there is often great potential in your data as the basis of new products.

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