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As you move to better serve your customers, modernize your infrastructure, change your business model or facilitate growth, Apex partners with you to implement best-of-breed solutions. We have the specialized skills and we stay current on a broad range of technologies.

Wireless LAN Solutions

You need your network to be reliable and secure. Apex offers a comprehensive set of professional services that cover the entire wireless implementation lifecycle including planning, design, site survey, installation, configuration, and security.

RF Planning

RF propagation uncertainty can make wireless LAN performance and network planning a complex task. Apex planning services deliver a detailed WLAN pre-deployment planning report that includes:

  • Guidance on WLAN settings to achieve your WLAN performance and security goals
  • Recommended device placement
  • RF coverage maps


WLAN Assessment

We provide a live onsite RF site survey conducted by Apex experts that includes:

  • Troubleshooting of wireless performance problems
  • Spectrum analysis to detect live RF interference
  • Guidance on continued reliable operation of your WLAN
  • Remediation options and cost estimates


Wireless Security Audit

Our team, in collaboration with yours, develops your wireless policies that follow industry best practices. Key deliverables include:

  • Evaluation of your WLAN security requirements
  • Planning of fresh deployments or upgrade of existing ones
  • Documentation of legal and regulatory requirements


WLAN Product Selection

We provide recommendations on specific product solutions to match your organization’s wireless needs. Our experts can provide guidance on all aspects of your wireless network design including:

  • WLAN protocols, access points, controllers and intrusion detection sensors
  • Antenna types, cabling and power
  • Other accessories such as weatherproof enclosures, and lightning arrestors,
  • Authentication and security requirements
  • Device provisioning, on-boarding, and other BYOD concerns
  • Baseline performance metrics for all aspects of the wireless environment
  • Development of meaningful reports that can be used to plan upgrades instead of only reacting to performance problems


WLAN Installation

Apex’s proven project management methods ensure the success of your wireless LAN rollout, on-time and on-budget, while meeting all of your organizations performance and security requirements. Our services include:

  • Project Plan and timeline for procurement, installation, and testing
  • Procurement and delivery logistics
  • Resource allocation at each site
  • Installation and configuration
  • Testing, using documented test scenarios
  • Full documentation and labeling for inventory and maintenance

Security Solutions

Managed Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems


  • Apex can manage the product selection process
  • We provide procurement, installation and integration services
  • We provide full lifecycle management and monitoring


Firewall Management

For firewall appliances:

  • Apex can manage the product selection process
  • We provide procurement, installation and integration services
  • We provide full lifecycle management and monitoring


Log Monitoring

We monitor logs and alerts from security device

Web Security Service

We provide solutions for URL filtering, Web content filtering and Web policy enforcement to protect against inbound and outbound Web-borne threats.

On-premise Solutions

Desktop Optimization

Apex experts design manageable desktop infrastructures that improve security, end-user support and mobility while reducing total cost of ownership. In addition:

  • Apex will manage the product selection process
  • We provide procurement, installation and integration services
  • We provide full lifecycle management and monitoring


Communications and Collaboration

We provide solutions that allow seamless and collaborative access to people, information and resources.

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • VOIP Telephone systems
  • Conferencing and Telepresence


Data Center

Apex provides comprehensive solutions based on extensive experience in environmental assessment, requirements analysis and architectural design. focused on:

  • Availability of applications and data
  • Load balancer selection and procurement
  • Business Continuity
  • Data Protection and Compliance

Our solutions reduce costs and improve availability through:

  • Data Center consolidation and/or outsourcing
  • Virtualization

Data Backup and Business Continuity

The most important component of any Managed Data Service is data recovery and restoration.

We use a variety of solutions to provide you with the lowest cost managed data services that meet your business needs. No matter which service best suits your company, Apex offers:

  • Data backups
  • Encryption
  • Immediate access to critical data
  • Full or partial data recovery and restoration
  • On-site storage
  • Off-site storage in multiple data centers
  • Cloud Data Vaults

Apex will work with you to customize processes for business continuity and disaster recovery under multiple scenarios providing:

  • Vulnerability and recovery options for each scenario
  • Restoration requirements for each business function and application
  • Compliance with all appropriate regulatory and legal requirements
  • Monitoring of environment to ensure that your data is always recoverable

Cloud Solutions

Whether cloud solutions for email or full blown, hybrid cloud extensions for Single Sign On and beyond, Apex’s approach will help decide what is right for you and your organization.

  • Office365
  • Google Docs
  • Integration with existing directories
  • Cloud based backup, storage and migration strategies
  • Cloud based, zero-day and anti-x deployment strategies
  • Design policies that address real world concerns
  • Migration strategies that provide definitions of success and clear steps to get there
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